May 08, 2018

Hello Everyone

At the beginning of April, I had the opportunity to work in London for 2 weeks on work placement. I must admit, within the first week, the weather was terrible and did nothing but rain every day. But miraculously during my second week there, England had an episode and we experienced Spring for all of 1 week. It went from unbearable rain, to unbearable heat.

On the weekend of unbearable heat, my friends and I all decided to have a cute date and travel around London, looking at sites and just catching up in general. It was good time and I couldn't have been more relaxed doing it. This blue shirt that I recently purchased from UNIQLO, has probably been one of the best things that I've bought in a while! The fit and overall flow is amazing, and I should've bought another one!

Millie xx

What I was listening to making this post
Rihanna - Birthday Cake

Blazer - Thrifted | Jeans - &OtherStories | Shirt - UNIQLO | Shoes - Clarks | Tote Bag - MUJI | Watch - CASIO 

All images are my own

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  1. Glad to hear you got some lovely weather in London!
    Gorgeous outfit, i love your blazer and uniqlo shirt

  2. so cute babe!

    XO, Jessi


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