5 Things Turning 20 Taught Me

March 20, 2018

Hello Everyone

So as not many of you may know, but I recently turned 20 last month, and I must say... It's very weird not being able to say '~teen' as an answer whenever someone asks me for my age. But its also worrying because according to society, in the next 10 years, I'm supposed to have my life planned out, get the job for life, worry about finances, all whilst thinking about creating and maintaining a family. Let's just say, the only thing on that list I can say yes to is the job aspect, and even that is worrying to say. 

I've seen many a post when people list off the things that they wish they'd known before hitting a specific age milestone, and I've always wanted to be apart of that crowd (not that I'm being a sheep or anything). I just want to provide anyone younger than me with the knowledge that I have gathered over the years, and for anyone older than me just to receive a reminder that everything is ok!

My 5 things that turning 20 has taught me:

1. Me-time is not selfish-time
By this alone, I mean that taking the time out to focus on yourself and make sure that you're feeling happy and aren't in the middle of trying to make everyone else happy. No. Instead, it's 100% ok to take some time out to yourself and be your own motivational speaker in order to keep yourself going.

2. Leave the hate behind
There is no better place for hatred than in the past as it does nothing for you or anyone. All it is good for is hindering you and holding you back, rather than letting you get to wherever it is that you need/want to go. Rather than disliking or hating on people that have nothing to do with you, instead transfer that energy into something better and focus on being heavily inspired and striving to do and achieve better.

3. Clean up
Yes. I literally mean clean up after yourself. Similar to the lesson above, cleaning up after yourself is the best way to leave the past in the past and focus on what you need to achieve in the present in order to be happier in the future. By cleaning up any mess that you may have created, it leaves you with a perfectly clear workspace, and you know what they say. 'Clear Workspace = Clear Mind'. Well, I don't actually know who says that; you but catch my drift.

4. Don't take it personally
Every person whether they like it or not has an opinion, but some more than others feel that it is necessary to give to others, even when it is not asked for/needed. Sometimes these opinions aren't in the slightest bit helpful and may, unfortunately, bring us down. All I can say to the opinions, in particular, is to not take them personally. Everyone's experience here on Earth is different, so what better way to spend that time other than focusing on yourself (in the least selfish way possible) and ensuring that your time here is the best amount of time possible.

5. Everything is temporary
When I first heard these words, I literally had to stop for around 5 minutes to just take it in, and realise how big these 3 little words really are. There are periods of time when things are starting to look really shit and we feel as though they'll last forever when in reality it is far from the truth. The current task you're stuck with at work, your feelings post break-up with your SO, your unhappiness. They will all pass! I guarantee it, so in the meantime, all we can do is ride out the pain, because the future holds something of better value. All you need to do is go out there and get it.

And there we have it. All the little things that I've learned over the years that actually add up to be quite significant!

Millie xx

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  1. 20 is such a meaningful age babe!! Wishing you health, happiness and success this year :)

    XO, Jessi

  2. Thank you for sharing Millie.
    This was a well needed reminder :)


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