What University Has Taught Me | Letter To Myself

January 06, 2017

After only being at University for the past 5 months, I still believe that I have somewhat changed as a person, and I believe that it was evident throughout my blog too. There have multiple changes; a new logo, layout/theme, and my consistency has improve and I just think that the overall quality has developed.

So in today's post, I wanted to basically write a letter to my pre-University/post-Sixth Form self, and just tell her the ins and outs of... well everything that I've learned in this short amount of time

1. Set Targets
Setting targets, having ambitions and dreaming about goals is what gives everyone that drive in life. Having your future target in the back of your mind, or preferably in eyesight, is definitely enough to make anyone want to change where they currently are in life. One of the main goals that I had during 2016, was to make it to University. I must say it was far from an easy road getting there, however with determination, a desired destination in mind (and a lot of sleepless nights) I can finally say that I'm a university student, who is currently happy and is studying the course that she thought of (and still enjoys) since she was a child. As before mentioned, with having something in mind, you too can do anything!

2. Writing It Down
This step goes hand in hand with the previous tip, however it's far from incorrect. Even if you already know them and know you wont forget them, it's still better to have everything written down, as seeing things in a physical form makes you more likely to complete the pending task. So grab anything, be it a pen and paper, your notes app on your smart phone or a voice note. Record, record, record and take another step closer towards clearing your head and getting to where you want to be/ the person who you want to be.

3. Never Assume
I can easily say that this saying gets mentioned at least 5 times in a week in my life. Nevertheless, despite it's repetition, it has the same meaning every time it's mentioned. There is no point in sitting back and waiting for things to magically fall into your lap... 'Never Assume'. There's no point in letting your health take a back seat and no longer taking time out for yourself... 'Never Assume you'll always be okay'. So focus on the now instead of trying to read the future, put your all into everything and then you can finally see all your hard work pay off.

(Everybody knows it, but...) " Never assume, It makes an ass out of you and me"

4. Try Something New
Even thought this happened towards the latter end of 2016, I started a YouTube channel (check it out here). Which was obviously scary, as its a new market. I had never fully made a video of my own before, let alone looked a camera in the eyes, and tried to tell it a story. However, I did it. I'm proud of myself and its another than I can check off of my list of things to complete. So, my advice to you would be to try something new; whether you'll be good at it or not. As, its better to regret doing it, than to regret not doing it.

5. Spend Money On What Is Important
Many Universities give students a large sum of money (also know as a Maintenance Loan/Bursary) to help with purchasing the needed books, equipment and travel for each course. This large sum of money is extremely helpful if you're a student who doesn't come from a very wealthy background, and it can be a major help to other students who are well off also. HOWEVER (as many students find out the hard way) this money IS NOT a one-way ticket to a shopping/spending spree. Sure, it's money that you've never had before, and ASOS and ZARA's sales are working in your favour. But think logically; what would serve you better? Getting the equipment needed for you to perform well in your course. Or having the new IT bag, that will unfortunately be out of season in 3 months? So just think logically and just plan/map out your finances and your future-self will thank you. Same goes to those of you who live in the US. Student loans are not a joking matter. However you can keep those monthly payments by, refinancing your student loans.

6. Look After Number One
It may seem very selfish to say, but there is nothing more important in this world than yourself. Sure many of us work for other people, or take time out of our day to help others, but as I've found myself saying a lot this year, whether it be to the people around me, or me yelling it at myself. 

"If people want you at your best, you have to look after yourself first."

Yes, it may seem harsh, but how can you put your all into something, if your health isn't 100%? It doesn't make any sense, it leaves you with some long term problems, for example; stress, anxiety, insomnia, the works. Believe me, I've had it all! So look after yourself, and everything else will fall into place.

7.  Be Open Minded
Like many things in life, having (and keeping) and open mind is easy, simple and most of all FREE. There could be a person who knows everything, however if they are still unable to listen to others in order to get an insight on situations and topics from a different perspective, then they'll forever stay in the same place. University is definitely the place and type of working environment that will force you out of your comfort zone. This step luckily links you to the next tip...

8. Have Fun
Overall, you need to remember that, you're only ever at University once in your life, you need to definitely make the most of it. Meet as many people as you possibly can, as they'll be able to help you grow inside and outfit of university. Take part in as many extracurricular activities as you can, as you'll meet people who have interests either similar or completely different from yours, which will you give you an insight to topics you would've otherwise ignored. Be a sponge and absorb as much information as you possibly can, as there are not many other places in the world with the same plethora of information readily waiting.

Millie xx
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  1. Great post! Glad to see how much you learned!


    1. Thank you for reading and stopping by!x

  2. Such an interesting post


  3. Oh how I wish I could talk to my younger self and give her tips! There are so many things you learn once you're out in the real world, meeting so many different kinds of people. But what's done is done and all we can do is learn from mistakes and move forward!


    1. I totally agree, there's so much that we learn just by seeing and doing once out in the real world! Thanks for visiting Jen!xx

  4. Never Assume - so right! I always overthink or just make things in my head ! Need sometimes really relax and just go with the flow xx


    1. I'm definitely one to over-think, haha I agree, going with the flow is so much easier and better! Thanks for stopping by babe xx

  5. Great post! It's wonderful that you are aware of these things early on. Good luck in school.

  6. I went to art school, which is slightly different but I learned the exact same thing! These tips and pieces of advice are still following me in the real world today. x

    Jessica — NinetyCo 

    1. Glad to know that the same skills are transferable!! Cheers for stopping by Jessica x

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks for taking the time read Vanessa!x

  8. perfectly sound advice! thank you for sharing

    1. I'm super happy you like it!! Thank you for visiting Visa xx

  9. You are so right! I have just started at University too, but I really get all of these points <3


    1. Happy to hear that they apply to you too!!x

  10. I just found your blog through some comments and I'm glad I did.
    Being in my second year of college I definitely have to agree with everything you've said. You executed that so well too! I look forward to reading more!


  11. Brings back memories of my university years. Lovely post





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