what I love about winter

December 17, 2016

Seeing as everyone is compiling lists of things to get the loved ones in your life for this Christmas season, I though I'd instead, give you all a list of the other aspects to enjoy other than gift giving/ gift receiving... but from my perspective! <3

I'm pretty sure that everyone and their cousin knows that I love hot chocolate, so a list describing my favourite things wouldn't be complete without mentioning it! I mean whats not to love?! 1. its a lovely hot drink. 2. it's chocolate. And despite how often I drink it, I fall in love again every time!! <3

I don't think that you can be classed as a human, if you do not enjoy spending time in your pyjamas, and what better time of year to spend more time in them, than during the winter?! They make staying indoors and watching movies all that bit better! They're the final point of when a day is finally over... and they all round, just make my day! (I'm an introvert... can't you tell?!)

Cliché? Maybe, but I believe there's nothing wrong with appreciating the natural aspects around you... and I'm sorry but, sunsets are just beautiful. For the brief stint that they are up, they allow you to forget about all the minor things in life that get you down, and they also help detach from social media. Sometimes its better to watch it go down with just the natural surroundings, so NO music (I know, it's hard for me too!) x 

Being a Winter baby, the colder weather is definitely my favourite, mainly because your birthday is the one day when everything can be about you, and you don't have to feel bad about it! There's celebration (a bit of alcohol), or if you're anything like me, it just means being super comfortable in bed and watching a relaxing movie (ahh, the absolute best!)

Many people's favourite holiday, whether it be for the gift giving or the gift receiving, or the food (a favourite for many), my favourite aspect of Christmas, is the fact that after a very busy year, it's the definite one day out of each year that you actually get to relax and do NOTHING all day!!.. Lazy, I know right?!

Millie x
What's your favourite thing about the Winter?

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  1. I agree with everything on your list! Hot chocolate is definitely a favorite of mine too... its so perfect while curling up at home away from the cold outside. You are so lucky that your birthday is in the winter season... it gives you a great excuse to hold the celebrations indoors :) Have a great week Millie!

    XO Jessi,

    1. I agree, thats the best time to drink hot chocolate!! Cheers Jessi, hope you have an amazing Christmas, and enjoy the rest of your week xx


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