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September 22, 2016

I thought I'd give you guys a little insight as to how I edit my Instagram photos... keeping reading below, in order to learn how I do it.

1. Photo Sizing
 Taking images in square isn't everything, and by this I mean, sure it's easier to take images in 'square' (if you're an iPhone user) as it's Instagram ready. However by taking them as a 'photo' instead, allows you to you do more and play around with more. So leave the cropping for Instagram later.

2. VSCO Cam App
For those of you who don't know, VCSO is an editing app that allows you to alter and play around with images directly from your phone (Think of it as a mini photoshop). Unfortunately you do have to pay separately for each filter, but you gain unlimited access after paying. Within the app; I purchased the filter 'C1', which has a green tone to it and makes your images look somewhat street style-y. I then play around with the contrast of my images (sometimes increasing if the image seems like it's lacking colour). I also increase the brightness by maybe 1 or 2. Another great feature from this app is that the layout is similar to Instagram, so it also provides you with a sneak peek of how your Instagram feed will look.

3. Instagram App
Weird point to include... I know. However, my editing doesn't stop there, once I convert my images to the Instagram app, I increase the 'sharpness' as it gives the images a higher quality feel to it. I also add any relevant #hashtags to my images, for example '#sunset' if I just happened to have the sunset featured in my image, or '#asos' if I'm wearing an item of clothing that is from ASOS. Hashtags also increase the amount of people who view your images... more views = potentially more followers.

4. Lighting
For me lighting is everything,if you don't have good lighting, you don't have a good image. Make sure you use the daylight and time of day to your advantage. Cool shadowing and reflections (for me) make a good image. So pay attention to your surroundings and make sure everything in the image can be seen.

I try to use golden hour to take some of my pictures because it gives the majority of images a professional feel and a warm summery feel. Just a little tip :)

5. Theme
Many instagrammers (I try myself, but do not always succeed) have a theme running throughout their instagrams. It's not a good thing or a bad thing. You can either choose to have a lovely colour scheme or can just randomly place your images (I  usually do the latter). Either way, you can develop a large following, just by keeping whatever you theme is, flowing. I try to make my images quirky with a hint of nature and a few little shoe shots. 

6. Less Selfie, More Do
Selfie's are cool and Selfie's are great, but instead of using your Instagram as JUST a branding opportunity, I believe it's also best to showcase some of your interests and what you've been up to during the day in order give your followers a true taste of your personality. (A witty caption, won't hurt anyone either)

Millie x

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p.s.s what do you use to edit your instagram photos?

What I was listening to whilst making this post
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  1. Love this post girl!! So obsessed with using VSCO for my pictures!! Lighting is also my #1 of course :)

    XO, Jessi

    1. Cheers bab, and yess lighting is everything x

  2. Great post lovely! VSCO is such a good app, I really need to use it more as the filters on there are so gorgeous. Totally feel you about putting more than just selfies on your page too, my favourite accounts are usually a mix of different photo subjects x

    1. Thanks babe! There are literally filters for every mood, and same, I love variety x

  3. Totally agree with the theme -- it always looks so amazing but it's sooo hard to stick to! And love VSCO as well. Such a handy tool.

    xoxo Alison

    1. I agree, it looks amazing but it takes the fun away from taking images x


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