Birthday Wishlist

January 31, 2016

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Seeing as it's nearly my birthday (February 21st), I thought that I'd make a birthday wishlist on the accessories and little bits that I wouldn't mind seeing join my collection. As you can see the majority is from ASOS, seeing as I'm not really a Pandora girl (I hate it actually).

1. Mix & Match Thong
How cute are these Mix & Match panties? They look extremely comfortable and obviously can be matched with anything else from the same collection.

2. Mix & Match Bra
Of course, I have the bra added too, you can't have one without the other, and they look like they'd compliment each other nicely.

3. Heeled Sandals
These are such a statement pair of heels that you cannot live without. Everyone should definitely have a pair.

4. Photo Frame
Now, I'm not sure if its deemed 'weird' if you would like interior products for your birthday... However, with me not caring, how lovely is this photo frame, I could maybe fill it with some cute images from my birthday... When it happens.

5. RANARP Lamp
This is such a beautiful lamp, that I could literally see on my desk as we speak, the colours are beautiful and it's very industrial looking, which I love.

6. Chris Brown - Royalty
See, I know more and more people are starting to dislike Chris Brown, but I feel like I'm one of those fans that'll always stick around, and I must say, this is very good album, so how could I not want the hard copy? It's not everyday Apple Music :D

7. Navy Jumpsuit
This probably has to hands-down, be the sexiest jumpsuit I've ever looked at, and would I sound spoilt if I say that I 'want' it? Surely its not too bad if I buy it myself right?

8. Chloe Heeled Boots
Just how cute? They're perfect for either nights out or work, how can you lose?

Millie xx

What I was listening to whilst making this post:-
Chris Brown - Back To Sleep

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  1. In love with that jumpsuit! Great style girlie.

    XO, Jessi

  2. Loving that gold trim photo frame, good choice

  3. Beautiful it

    xoxo Miri

  4. Amazing wishlist, love those boots!

  5. Love this post! xx

  6. Perfect <3



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