9 Teachings of 2015

December 30, 2015

1. Have no regrets.
Having regrets constantly makes you live in the past, therefore making you unable to live and aspire towards the future. They also make you focus mainly on the bad points in life instead of living for the good moments.

2. Move out of your comfort zone.
Repeatedly staying in your comfort zone leaves you missing out on things that could potentially make you a better person, see things from a different perspective and leaves you wondering why you didn't just complete it in the first place. Therefore leaving you with regrets (which according to No.1 you shouldn't have).

3. Never give up.
By never giving up, you're able to see how much work you can complete at your full potential, which obviously in the short term leaves you feeling tired, however in the long term you're able to look back and see all you're accomplishments. (Which is a great feeling)

4. The gym never hurt anybody.
Okay, now I know a few of you would disagree with this 'Teaching', however there are many advantages to working out, for example it helps you to sleep better, improves your immune system (which I'm in dire need of help with) and it slowers your aging rate... How could there be any other advantages?.... Wait! It also gives you a head start on getting that 'Summer Body' which we all know, everybody wants.

5. Don't follow any trends.
I totally agree with this piece of advice, because by following most of the trends that arise throughout the year, to me makes you seem like you don't have an opinion of your own. (Sorry if that seems mean). It seems that people feel the need to no longer think for themselves and figure out what they actually like, but just instead choose to follow everybody else because it's easier. Instead, you should stay true to yourself and do whatever it is that you enjoy, whether it be reading books, doing yoga or wearing that spice girls t-shirt you love unconditionally.

6. Never listen to people's opinions.
That's just it, they're opinions, they're not facts therefore you shouldn't have to abide by what people say, you should just instead stay true to yourself and take everything with a pinch of salt.

7. Stop hanging around people that are holding you back.
Now this is a hard piece of advice, mainly because most people don't want to hurt other people's feelings. However, if you have a goal in life and a certain someone (I know you thought of someone when I said this!) is holding you back, you have to unfortunately leave them in the past because, nowadays most people are out out for themselves, meaning that you shouldn't be on the sidelines in someone else's life and helping them along, instead you should shape your own future and be mean once in a while and make things about yourself!

8. Let love come to you, don't go to love.
I had to definitely find this out the hard way and trying not to sound cold hearted  (which I'm not, I wear my heart on my sleeve, unfortunately -_-) you sometimes have to leave love to other people. There's no point looking for love, because you will become side-tracked and would no longer focus on your main goal, but instead love will come to you, whether it be at school, work, the gym, the cinema, it'll come from anywhere, so just wait patiently.

9. Write it down.
There's no point in trying to be a magician and attemping to remember everything mentally, you should just write it down instead. Carry a notebook around, use the notes app on your phone just make sure you write it all down, because there's nothing worse than forgetting something majorly important and then beating yourself up about it. Once again it'll leave you with regrets, which there is no room for.

Millie xx

What I was listening to whilst making this post:-
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  1. Yes to all! Especially never giving up!
    Happy New Year!
    Style Tomes || Style Tomes on Instagram

    1. Thank you, I appericate it and Happy New Year to you too x


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