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August 05, 2018

Hello Everyone

The best things are made when you're either pushed to your limits, or someone tells you that you cannot do something. This was the case for this home in Mexico. Design for a retired couple, Architects Pérez Palacious had the challenge of working with high restricting walls from the surrounding houses, and a lack of external views. However, they handled it well and created this cream, minimal, relaxing style. 

The house features 3 mini courtyards that all have their own separate functions, but the house harmonises internally with the open floor plan, linking all the family areas together. To say I like it would be an understatement. Even with the lack of natural landscape to look at, this home is such a natural beauty.

Millie xx

What I was listening to whilst making this post
Spitz - Yoru O Kakeru

All images are from Yellow Trace

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  1. Wow it's beautiful!

  2. Sooooo gorgeous! These are absolutely house goals!


  3. I love it! So clean and open!


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