What My Second Year at University Taught Me

June 23, 2018

Hello Everyone

So it's official! I've finished my second year at university, which means that its time for summer (my last one ever), and the dissertation thoughts begin pouring in, but let's not think about that. There have been many lessons over the year, and I believe that they've helped change me into the person that I am today (hopefully for the better). 

I wanted to create a mini list that hopefully helps people who are either stuck and believe that they need to have everything figured out, or just the people who have let stress consume them and ...... So below are 5 things that I have learned over the year. I hope that it helps.

1.  Time Management
What would a list tailored to university be without mentioning time management at least once? Many people have large goals and dreams in life, and without time management we wouldn't really know where to begin or be finished by. And by having an end date/goal in mind helps us to constantly strive for better and not accept anything lower than that.

2. If You Believe It, It'll Happen
Over the years, and not even just at uni, there have been many people along the way who have tried to discourage me or tell me that my goal(s) aren't achievable. But the main thing that I've realised is that the only person whose opinion matters is yours. Many people won't stand with you when you talk about where you wish to be, and that's perfectly ok. Either surround yourself with people who will give you the love and support that you need. Or go it alone.

3. Solitude
I mention this on every list that I create because I still believe that it is one of the most important activities that we need to come into contact with. If we cannot build up our courage, beliefs, goals by ourselves then how can we expect the ones who we love to help us? Having the time to reflect on mindfulness is what makes us productive.

4. Money Management
Having such large dreams and goals in life come at a large price. They're not only time consuming, but they're also money consuming, so by having a good hold of your finances will help you put your goals into perspective. Now, even though I'm saying this, I know that my skills in the money department could be better, but I'm still willing to try and figure it out. 

5. Lean on the People Around You
Coming from the student point of view, make sure to use your lecturers as a supporting leg as they have all been in the same place as you. They also know both what it is like to be emotionally, physically and mentally challenged, and they know what is needed to become a better person. Coming from a normal point of view, be sure to use the people around you for support, as you can learn from other people's mistakes and you can also receive some much-needed help from the ones who love you.

I truly hope that this list was able to help, and I know that come my final year at university, I will need to be revisiting haha.

Millie xx

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  1. I love number two! So true!

    x Lisa | lisaautumn.com

    1. Thank you for agreeing and stopping by girl! I really appreciate it <3

  2. Congratulations on finishing your second year of university my love!! Wishing you an amazing summer and some rest :)

    XO, Jessi

    1. Thank you Jessi! And don't you worry haha I will <3

  3. Have just been thinking abut all of this as have finished first year and love this post - time management needs to be done on my part :P
    Feel free to check out my latest post x

    1. Aww thank you for stopping by Arianne! I hope that I was able to help in some way or another, and good luck for your second year!x


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