Casual Suits for Casual Summer Days

June 04, 2018

Hello Everyone

Summer is finally underway in England, and one of my favourite trends recently had been turning suits from formal to casual wear with either a pair of trainers or mules, and accompanied with your best pair of statement earrings. So I decided to compile a list of my favourite types of suits that would definitely make you the best-dressed person around.

I find that the striped suit is perfect for summer, as it has a somewhat playful feel to it and it can be perfectly paired with some statement earrings and a pair of white trainers. I found this one from ASOS, and I really love the oversized fit and the colour!

Another style of suit that I'm in love with, it the monochrome type suit. It really adds a sophisticated edge to all casual suits and there's no way that you won't walk away looking and feeling 100% cooler. 

The third and final type of casual suit that I'm in love with, is the textured suit, as it screams business, but chic. This checkered blazer from H&M had me at hello and I believe it's giving me cute cafe visit and picnic vibes

And there we have it, my 3 favourite types of suits that can be made extremely casual with the aid of some statement earrings, trainers and your cutest tote bag! I hope to bring you guys a post which shows me styling my different blazers for the summer! Stay tuned x

Millie xx

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1. - ASOS | 2. - ARKET | 3. H&M

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  1. Love how chic that striped suit is!

    XO, Jessi

    1. Right, and I believe it would look amazing on you Jessi! Thanks for stopping by babe x


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