Welcome To Summer

July 08, 2017

Hello Everyone.

Summer. The season where the world finally begins to shine. Where the trees are their brightest shade of green. Everyone and their cousin has a tan. Fashion trends shift from turtlenecks to dresses and skirts. Its cooler to be outside than indoors. However it is also the season where its very important to be with the ones you love. Work and school have finished for the summer, so all types of patterns are broken and its very easy to develop that 'lost' or 'empty' feeling. 

I have certainly had a few 'episodes' since finishing uni mid-May, and I know a few friends of mine have felt the same way. So it led me to believe that we aren't in fact a unique group of depressed individuals and there are many people out there that despite the amazing summer weather, still get the midsummer-blues. This post is dedicated to finding ways in order to remain happy during the happiest time of year (sorry Christmas).

1. Do the things you love.
Whether those 'things' may be painting, reading a book or sewing. Take no notice of anyone else and do what makes you happy. Another aspect that goes hand in hand with this subject is solitude. Lovely, lovely solitude. I know this may seem a little backwards, advising for you to be alone, when the being alone part is the reason for the 'empty' feeling. However, you may be focusing on 'what you're missing' when in fact you should be focusing on 'what you currently have'. There's no point in looking at the past, because you cannot change anything about it. So instead we should all focus on the present and what we can do in order to make the future better. And that can all start simply by 'Doing the things you love'.

2.  Eat Healthily
Now I know that this one may come across as a weird step, but eating unhealthy has many side effects, and the main one being that because you aren't getting the correct nutrients, your mood can be greatly affected. As many people say 'an apple a day, keeps the doctor away'. Now this may not necessarily be true, but consuming your '5-a-day' will definitely do more keep the doctor away. It provides you with a happy attitude in order to tackle the day, and it also keeps off any unwanted pounds.

3.  Social Media
I feel that social media is amongst many people's lists of things that either hinder creativity, or decrease self-esteem and I believe it may be due to the fact that the internet isn't going anywhere. So we're filled to the brim with people, marketing and everything in between 24/7/365. And sometimes we need to just say enough is enough! By taking a break from social media and taking the time out to focus on you, you should be able to see just how freeing it is not be bogged down with campaign after campaign, brag after brag. And if you 100% are ready to ditch social media maybe you can refer back to my first tip to 'Do The Things You Love' or even my previous post, titled 'How To Remove, Reconsider and Relax' .

I hope that this post was able to help during the transitional period between having work up to your eyeballs to having nothing to do for days on end was made somewhat smoother.  I know that I, myself will be referring back to this list.

If you're wondering why I'm posting this now, is because its only now Summer in the UK.

Millie xx

What I was listening to whilst making this post
Mo Anando - In Bloom

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  1. hahah i love your comment about everyone being tan! I couldn't agree more with you on this post! Have a great week babes<33

    XO, Jessi


    1. Hahah thanks for agreeing Jessi, glad you stopped by x

  2. great post sweetie , love your blog
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    1. Aww thanks babe! Thank you stopping by x


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