9 university essentials.

October 29, 2016

1. Laptop/Tablet
Many students need some sort of laptop or tablet for their course, so I suggest (if you have the money) buying the best that you can afford, as you'll be stuck with it during and after your course. Getting one that comes with a lot of space is key too, as I can assure you, there is no such thing as 'light homework', so the things you'll be researching, writing and drawing up, all need somewhere to be saved. Also, if you're anything like me, I'm terrible when it comes to leaving applications and tabs open... so I also suggest finding one thats great at multitasking.

2. Overdraft
Overdrafts are obviously not compulsory to some, but they definitely help you out when funds are low, and can help tide you over until you get your loan each term (especially if you're one of the unlucky ones who finishes their loans quickly). They can sure be a pain paying back most of the time, so if you do find it hard to do so, I suggest, finding a well paid job too. NOTE: don't take on too many hours though, as it'll cut into precious study time.

3. Notepad
Sometimes trying to take in superfluous amounts of information in during a lecture can be extremely overwhelming. So my best option is to try taking in the good old trusted pen and paper and then you can note away until your hearts content. Without having to remember what was said word-for-word for a whole lecture. Or (if you can type quietly) you can try and bring in your laptop or tablet.
4. USB
I cannot stress how important USBs are, they are what save you when the internet fails. They save all forms of homework, and luckily sometimes you don't even need to bring your laptop with you, all you need to do is bring along your USB. Can I get 3 cheers for a lighter bag? Hip hip!

5. Train/Bus Pass 
This essential doesn't apply to everyone, but if you're a commuter like me, using your legs alone isn't going get you from A to B. So its best to work out your designated route, and find out how you plan on getting to and fro everyday. Me personally, I have my trusty bike and a train pass.

6. Punctuality
There's nothing worse than turning up late to class or even a lecture, as it disrupts the classes due to your lecturer having either start again, or you just totally miss out, and everyone knows that university costs too much money to be missing out on anything.

7. Portable Charger
For many of us, some days at university can be extremely long and its very hard to keep any smartphone at a healthy 100% for 6+ hours... let alone 5minutes. So my best bet is to purchase a high quality portable charger, as some days, there won't always be a plug socket to hand, and you could potentially be travelling.

8. Healthy Diet
Sounds weird... I know. But it too is very important. Sure it's very tempting to eat bad food as it's always available and tastes great. However, you won't receive the needed nutrients to keep you going and would eventually be left feeling sluggish and ultimately out of energy. So, say no to that 'one' McDonalds, or that can of Coke, and instead opt for a healthy salad and a bottle of water. Your mind, body and pores will thank you for it.

9. Good Attitude
I truly believe you wouldn't be at university if you weren't willing to try and learn something new. However, good attitudes are still essentials. Minds need to be kept open and you ALWAYS need to be prepared to think outside the box, as many lecturers will only tell you things once, and from that point its up to you whether to take it on board or not.

I hoped this helped x

Millie xx

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