7 Ways To Be A Happier Person

May 14, 2016

1. Don't worry about small things
Now, I know that this will be a hard, because nowadays everyone has slowly but surely become perfectionists, Having to have their instagrams look a certain way, make up like this, hair like that. It's okay to have a follicle or two out of place, its okay to have as bit of mascara on your eyelid, its okay to not be 'perfect'.... (because there's no such thing)

2. Be Selfish
There come a time and a place where you have to think you and you only. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but sometimes when you're too busy helping or worrying about others, we neglect ourselves. So say yes to 'I', 'Me' and 'You'.

3. Remember 'Money can't buy happiness'
Sure, you see blogger after blogger, rubbing it in your face, telling you what they've bought recently or what designer product they've purchased next, but remember, whether its, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram or any type of social media, people only show you want they want to show you. Meaning that, sure they might have the latest pieces, but they may not be happy behind the lense.

4. Forgive people
I know there are some people out there that don't deserve to be forgiven, however its always best to be the bigger person. Then no one can say that you're petty or always have to have the last word, so just forgive early and spend your time on the bigger picture rather than the same irrelevant details.

5. Make 'ME' time
This is definitely a stage I care heavily about. Every Sunday I spend my time away from my phone, I pamper myself, I play on my Xbox 360 and I relax with a movie or TV series. At least this gives me time away from reality and time to gather my thoughts and then prepare for the up coming week. Being relaxed definitely makes a huge difference to being uptight and stressed, so yes to 'Me' time and no to stress time. 

6. Don't go to sleep angry
This is really important is closely linked with tip No.4, because I feel it like staying angry for a long period of time doesn't do your mind or your body justice and no one wants negative/angry dreams, so just leave it till the morning, solve the problem there and then... or just forgive.

7. Smile
Its simple really, it takes less than a second and even if you don't feel like doing so, do it, because even if it doesn't make you any happier, it can cheers someone else up and make their day, so smile, smile away.

Millie xx

What I was listening to whilst making this post
Rihanna - Consideration (ft. SZA)

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  1. with smiling more, it has a fake it til you make it effect (your brain literally releases happy hormones) so it does help in most situations!


  2. Always smile!

    XO, Jessi

  3. So enlightened and uplifted! Thx for this blog post girlie.

    Dakota D.

    1. Awww thanks, that was my overall goal x

  4. Really great post! Something I needed at the moment :)

  5. So much yes for this post! I particularly agree with 2. and 4., and I think they are linked. Forgiving is putting you first and deciding you don't want to carry the burden of resentment anymore. And you look super cute on that photo!
    Much love x

    Iman @ Manigazer

  6. Hey Millie hope you ok. Making me time is definitely a must. Sometimes I tend to forget that I matter and as much as I love being there for people and ensuring people around me are happy, ensuring that am happy too should be a priority. I enjoyed reading this post. Much luv.x


    1. I'm great thanks, and I have the exact same problem, I always put others before myself and I need to slow down and realise, I'm important too! Cheers bab x

  7. Love this post! Great read dear!!
    Love from www.trangscorner.com {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  8. So True everything you said 😄

  9. love your look!



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