5 Things to do on the weekend...

October 11, 2015

Hey guys how is your October going?? I thought that I'd create a mini list again, similar to last time. Also I was actually thinking about creating something similar to this every month, tell me whether you like the idea below. So today's list is about things to do on the weekend when your week as been extremely hectic and you're still in shock and confused about what has just happened, here are my little tips on what to do:-

One of my definite favorite things to do on Sunday morning is to just chill and listen to music; either in my bed, the bathroom, washing dishes anything, I just like to make my own theme music on a Sunday :)

Another favorite thing for me to do on the weekend is to workout, its a great way to feel like the week is over and it's a great way to work off anything you put on, on Friday night. (It might have been that weekly slice of cake) Regardless, it ultimately makes you feel amazing once the workout is complete and you're either soaking in the bath or in the shower and that moves me right onto...

Pampering is probably on everyone's to-do lists on the weekends, what better way to start off the week, than with freshly painted and un-chipped nails, having a relaxing bath under your belt (or shower if you don't have a bath), having a wax or plucking your eyebrows?

I personally think that baking and creating new ideas and preparing cute little meals is definitely perfect for a Sunday morning or afternoon. Its also an easy way to get lunch and anything ready for Monday, and it's super relaxing, fun and can be enjoyed when there is more than one person cooking (e.g. Your boyfriend/girlfriend, family member, friend etc.)

Whether its relaxing to the reading of a book, marathon-ing your favorite TV show, curled up in bed watching a movie on demand by candlelight, nothing is better than relaxing "me time".

I hope that this mini list was able to help anybody bored or with nothing to do with on the weekend :)

Millie xx

What I was listening to whilst making this post
The Internet - Girl (ft. KAYTRANADA)

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  1. great activities!


  2. I will do cooking with music on most of the weekends!!
    Love from www.trangscorner.com {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

    1. It's just totally relaxing :) x

  3. I am definitely a "nothing" person ha




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