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April 12, 2013

Hey guys! Okay so yesterday it was raining and there way no way i was gonna go outside and run the risk of getting a cold again, because i've had a cold that's just recently gone *yippe*, so anyway its a friday afternoon and i'm not doing anything today (nothing new) so i thought why not make a post that involves me staying indoors :)

  1. Monochrome Book - This is my book that i write down anything from school work to song lyrics to fashion ideas, so i try my hardest to carry it around with me when i go to school or journeys either to london or birmingham (or anywhere in between)
  2. Company Magazine - This magazine is travel size which makes it easy to carry around obviously for when you go travelling, it has great fashion/ make-up tips and shopping tips inside 
  3. Nail File - i always make sure i carry around a nail file because you never know when you're going to come across a rough/ heavy object and it could wreck your babies
  4. Vaseline/Lip Balm - Its a must, i always top up my lips with vaseline, because your lips can never be too soft
  5. Nail Varnish - I like to keep my nails looking good, so i always wear nail varnish (i even have some on now)
  6. Nerd Glasses - Don't even know why, but i love wearing these glasses, they're not prescription i just find them very cute.
  7. Chewing Gum - You've got to admit you've all come across someone with bad breath before?... So by me always walking around with chewing either in my bag/ pocket or mouth i make sure i'm never one of those people
  8. iPhone - Okay so i just got this bad boy yesterday, i've wanted it ever since i saw the advert for it, i've been patient and finally its here <3 , unfortunately i've been lumped with a crappy blackberry for just over a year now, but anyway i always make sure i have a phone with me so i can just type up some important things to do like 'go shopping' or 'think of a new outfit,  but then again thats what my Monochrome book is for

Good news, i should be going to Birmingham tomorrow, because my mum gave me £30 to spend on whatever i want, i know its not a lot, but it is when it comes to primark and that's exactly where i'll be spending it, so hopefully before i got back to school or before next week finishes i should've/should be made/making a new post *fingers crossed* and  lets hope i actually can be bothered to get up and go to Birmingham tomorrow. Laters

 Millie x 

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