April Wishlist

April 06, 2013

Okay, so this April i'd love own these babies! These things are sooo sexual and i just want to own them so i can throw them in the air and then roll around on the floor in them <3 And seeing as there isn't a charity/thrift shop near my house i have to settle with cheap clothing from New Look and everyone's favourite Primark. I'm also really upset at the fact that i don't have a sewing machine 1) so i can repair my clothes, and 2) so i can re-vamp my clothes or makes my own out of old/ no longer in use clothes. Okay now it's time for me to stop ranting and tell you all why i love these 3 pieces so much.

|| 1 Grey 3/4 Sleeve Bodycon Midi Dress - New Look || 2 Blue Acid Wash Bodycon Dress - New Look || 3 Striped Sleeve Crop Top - Topshop ||

Now everybody knows that 3 is a significant number (which means ''' Sufficiently great or important to be worthy of attention; noteworthy. / Having a particular meaning; indicative of something.''').

These items can all be worn with low top converse shoes, because all 3 items are either pale colours or close to white. I'm in love with number 3 (Striped Sleeve Crop Top) because the mesh on the sleeves is just adfghinbv. and this top would pair great with Topshop's MOTO denim hotpants and low top white converse shoes. Whereas number 1 (Grey 3/4 Sleeve Bodycon Midi Dress) would pair great with any black pair of shoes, whether it be high heels, low heels, mid heels or even green heels and of course flats (NO CROCS ALLOWED). *haha i make myself laugh*. Number 2 (Blue Acid Wash Bodycon Dress) this goes snuggly with the white converse as well. Then again what doesn't? Anyway this dress is perfect. I'm in love with Bodycons, because I love the way they hug your waist which makes them a warmer piece of clothing. Laters

Millie xx

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