jumpsuit - CLUB L via ASOS | nike air max - VINTAGE | tote bag - eBAY | denim jacket - GAP

Took a trip into town once again with my friend Séarl (check out her blog here), and visited a lovely little coffee shop called Finney's, and it obviously resulted in me getting a hot chocolate (which was extremely tasty, may I just add). Also with me aspiring to become an interior design student, I was immediately drawn in by the wonderful interior of this coffee shop. The lighting was just right, and gave you that lovely feeling of having a warm drink while its raining outside, the furniture and the rest of the decor were just absolutely everything.

With the rest of our day we had a sit and talked about all things university related, fashion and everything in between. Visited the mini deserted parts of town, and went shopping... And who says Sundays are for resting?

Millie xx

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uniqlo a/w16 lifewear

I thought that, seeing as we're making a subtle change over into Autumn/Fall, that it would be perfect for me to show probably one of the best collections that I've seen so far. And of course it's from the company's that always has innovation and heat tech in mind. Uniqlo! The pieces from this collection are extremely versatile and can take you from Autumn to Winter, to Autumn again... Can you tell I'm in love?

Millie xx

What I was listening to whilst making this post
Bronski Beat - Smalltown Boy